Carvings, furnishings and ornaments to cover a new Chiloé church in Vodudahue (Chile)

Some time ago we published in our blog an article on the churches of Chiloéa group of temples in the southern Chile whose construction was encouraged by the missionaries who traveled to evangelize those lands. The oldest date from the 18th century and, although they were initially influenced by German religious architecture, little by little they developed their own style that generated what is known as the Chiloé School of wooden religious architecture.



A few months ago Granda began to collaborate in the architectural and structural designThe project was inspired by the small church of Colo on the large island of Chiloé, the smallest of the 16 heritage churches. The project was inspired by the small church of Colo on the large island of Chiloé, the smallest of the 16 heritage churches.


20170322_191421 (2)

The church is located in a place called "La Placeta", declared a holy field by Father Antonio van Kessel. The new building, located in front of an esplanade and a pier, corresponds to the foundational scheme developed by the Jesuits for the evangelization of the Chiloé Archipelago. A wooden cross has been installed next to it and the construction of a guest house has already begun. This project in the XXI century tries to create a community meeting place for a population that lives dispersed in this mountain range.


This project has been a challenge to recover and give projection to the experience of the Chiloé School of Religious Architecture in Wood: its constructive and structural system and its finishes. For the construction, assemblies made with handmade tools were used and professionals with experience in the restoration of heritage churches worked directly on it.

20170321_121058 (2)

The construction itself has been an opportunity to preserve the knowledge and mastery of the technique that the Chilota style achieved in the past, becoming a manual of knowledge and inspiration for today. In spite of taking references from the past, the building has not renounced its own identity and style, and has become an important part of the Chilota style. reinterpretation in the 21st century of an architecture and a way of building from the 18th century, without renouncing the technological advances of today's architecture: concrete foundations, thermal efficiency, insulation, heating, ventilation, ventilation, air-conditioning, etc.insulation, acoustics, fire resistance, electricity and specially designed lighting. 


For the interior cladding of the building, seven polychrome wood carvings have been made: a set of sculptures 120 cm high representing the Virgin of Carmen and five saints: St. Joseph the Carpenter, St. Peter, St. Sebastian, St. Albert Hurtado, St. Therese of the Andes and St. Anthony of Padua, all made of wood and polychrome.

20170517 150400 scaled
20170517 150410 scaled
20170517 150456 scaled
20170517 150439 scaled
20170517 150428 scaled
20170517 150417 scaled

 In addition, a 140 cm crucified Christ has been made, also in wood and polychrome with the cross in varnished wood and a special Stations of the Cross.

20151023 153648 resized
20151023 153642 resized
20151023 153637 resized
20151023 153633 resized
20151023 153631 resized
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Other elements remain, such as the ambo, the altar, the seat, the baptismal font, the confessional and the sanctuary lamp, which have also been designed in the aesthetic line of the new church.                                                                                                                                                                                




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Serving the Church with sacred art since 1891

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