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We offer our our vast experience in turnkey projects, in which we design and create all kind of Liturgical Art, Furnishings and Vestments. Our prestigious Restoration Department is prepared to advise and cover the conservation needs of precious historical artwork and antiques.
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Interior design of places of worship

We design and carry out both the interior architecture of places of worship and their liturgical furnishings, gold and silverwork and fabric vestments. Our Workshops design and produce both large items, such as the altarpiece, the altar, the ambo or the pews, as well as the most delicate details of the liturgical furnishings. We also equip the adjacent spaces, such as the sacristy, where the furniture is specially designed to facilitate the preparation of the Mass and the proper care of the vestments.
interior design service for worship spaces
service Works and special objects

Special Works and objects

Granda combines the mastery of traditional craft techniques and trades. We can make both small and large format works in any type of material, so we have great flexibility to shape unique and bespoke pieces. Our designers prepare the pieces based on our clients' requests, but we also process the creations of other artists. We always pay special attention to the sacred function of our pieces, and we can also devise iconographic programs that help convey the theological message of the pieces.

Conservation and Restoration

We have built a solid career over the last two decades, becoming one of the leading Spanish companies in the field of Conservation and Restoration. Our work ranges from large projects, which require the assembly of an on-site workshop, to smaller works. Some of our most important projects include the restoration of items made of precious metals (silver and bronze), fabrics, mural paintings, canvasses and paintings on panels, sculptures, carvings and painted pieces, altarpieces and wallpaper.
Conservation and Restoration service
priestly ordinations service

Ordination of priests

Ordination is a moment of great importance in the life of a priest and for the Christian community. As in every particularly important celebration, special care is taken to ensure the exquisiteness of the liturgical vestments, which are the ones the new priest will use for the first time. Due to the importance of this moment, the family and friends of the ordinand usually give them the liturgical vestments they will use in their first Mass, such as the chalice, the chasuble, the pall, etc. At GRANDA we are honored to have designed and made the liturgical set of many priests for their first mass.
What our clients say about us

"I have been impressed with the attention to detail in every aspect of the project. It's a pleasure to work with a company that puts so much care because they believe in what they do."

New York Parish Priest

"I decided to make a replica of the sculpture of the Christ of the Great Promise because in front of it I was able to discern my vocation and I wanted other people to be able to do that."

Member of a Religious Order Spain

"I was struck by the fact that you spoke less about the materials and more about the message we want to convey. You are the only company that presented me with a proposal that focused on the smooth running of the celebrations and the piety of the faithful. I liked it very much".

Bishop from France

"Granda's Religious Store is a wonderful place where you will find everything you need. The selection of religious items is truly impressive. From the exquisite gold work to the beautiful textile ornaments, each item is a manifestation of devotion and artisan care."

Spanish Religious
Evangelizing through beauty
“Use art as we use language, to speak and teach about Christ.”

“Art, due to its spirituality and its intangible expression, being heartfelt and sincere, speaks to all, to the wise and the ignorant, to the believer and the unbeliever....; it is the most effective means to spread ideas.”

FR. Felix Granda Buylla
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    C/ Galileo Galilei, 19.
    28806, Alcalá de Henares,
    Madrid. Spain
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    Serving the Church since 1891

    Serving the Church since 1891

    C/ Galileo Galilei, 19.
    28806, Alcalá de Henares,
    Madrid. Spain
    (+34) 91 802 36 55

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