of tradition

Granda is the result of the
dream of a man:
Fr. Félix Granda y Buylla, priest and artist.

Granda is the result of the dream of a man: Fr. Félix Granda y Buylla, priest and artist.

In 1891, a young priest, Fr. Félix Granda y Buylla, merged his artistic and religious vocation by founding a workshop where he intended to develop an art capable of making faith speak directly to the heart. In a short time, this lonely enterprise became the most important sacred art workshop in Spain. The pieces produced by Fr Granda’s workshop have reached every part of the globe. Over a century later, GRANDA keeps Fr. Félix’s mission alive.



The three cornerstones on which Félix Granda established this workshop were the highest artistic and technical quality of the work, the rigor and depth of the Theological message contained and the constant search for Beauty in every single piece. He had the instinct to recruit talented artists and craftsmen, all of them working together. He thus founded his Art Workshops, where tradition and art intertwined to serve the sanctity of the liturgy and the faith of the people. Under Fr. Felix’s masterful direction, the ancient crafts that had been perfected over the centuries found one of their last shelters in the GRANDA Workshop.

“Los Rosales” Atelier

Granda’s embroidery and textile atelier, Los Rosales, came into existence in 1958 under the guidance of Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, with the intention of making vestments and linens using the best designs and materials, producing pieces that would have the necessary dignity for the celebration of the Mass.



Processional monstrance and display

Burgos Cathedral - Burgos - Spain


Virgin of Covadonga Crown

Sanctuary of Covadonga - Asturias - Spain


St. Pius X Monument

Riese - Italy


Virgin of Guadalupe Crown

Sanctuary of Guadalupe - Cáceres - Spain


Sepulchre of Saint John of the Cross

Segovia - Spain


Sacred Descent from the Cross

Jerez de la Frontera - Cádiz - Spain


Hispanic Society Votive Lamp

Our Lady of Esperanza Church - New York - USA

1941 - 1944

Processional throne of the Santísimo Cristo de la Expiración (Holy Christ of the Expiration)

Malaga - Spain


Processional throne of the Holy Sepulchre of Malaga

Malaga - Spain

1941 - 1944

Crown Saint Teresa of Jesus

Carmelite Fathers - Avila - Spain


Interior decoration Church of San Juan el Real

Oviedo - Spain


Papal vestments made by Granda

Liturgical vestments

Evangelizin through beauty

"Use art as we use language, to speak and teach about Christ."

"Art, due to its spirituality and its intangible expression, being heartfelt and sincere, speaks to all, to the wise and the ignorant, to the believer and the unbeliever....; it is the most effective means to spread ideas."
FR. Félix Granda y Buylla