Chapel of the Catholic University of Colombia, Colombia

This intervention

was aimed at designing a chapel for a very contemporary building, built in concrete, steel and glass. It had to be integrated with the aesthetics of the architecture, yet nonetheless create a welcoming space for prayer and liturgy. The unity and clarity of space is achieved by using only three materials: rosy trumpet tree wood, typical of Colombia, travertine marble and stainless steel, an aesthetic connection with the architecture of the building.

In the sanctuary, the wall is covered with horizontal oak slats with different widths, in warm and luminous colors, with sections that create great dynamism. The open travertine marble blockwork used in the altar and the ambo stands out over this energetic background. Due to its durability, this material is meant to represent eternity, and might also allude to the unity of the Church and obedience to the Pope.

The altarpiece

develops the iconographic topic of the Adoration of the Magi, which is very appropriate for the university given its exploration of the relationship between Revelation, Epiphany, and scientific knowledge. The tabernacle stands out in the center of the composition

thus drawing a parallel between the Incarnation of Christ and His real presence in the Eucharist. The light is filtered through the sliding steel lattices over the windows, the design of which replicates the sections of the wooden slats of the sanctuary.

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