St. Teresa of Calcutta

Featured Works: Catedral de Sidney, Australia

Full round statues

Carved and polychrome linden wood

Round-shaped walnut wood carving.



Catedral de Sidney, Australia

Round-shaped walnut wood carving.This is one of a set of sculptures made by GRANDA for the Cathedral of Sydney representing different holy women of the Catholic Church. The sculptor wanted to portray St. Teresa of Calcutta with great realism. On her face, you can see inner joy and a gaze of deep hope. She is represented in the habit of the Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa’a hands are joined in a simple, characteristic gesture of prayer, intertwined between them is a rosary.

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At Granda we seek to encourage devotion. Personalizing each piece and giving unity to all the elements helps to inculturation, to transmit the message and to move the devotion of the faithful.

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    Serving the Church since 1891

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