Goldsmith pieces with the imprint of A.W Plugin.

These two sets of silver, gold and enamel chalice and paten were recently made at the special request of two students from a seminary in the United States.

Emerald green chalice, in gold, silver and enamel.


Marian blue chalice, in gold, silver and enamel.


The designs of both chalices are based on an aesthetic program. inspired by the work of the architect A.W. Pugin (19th century) whose selected works in precious metal are part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom. The result was two unique chalices as a gift for two seminarians on the day of their ordination to the priesthood.



Chalices by A.W Pugin (19th century) preserved in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Father Jantz (Diocese of Birmingham) was the first to order the emerald green Chalice. He stated that "the chalice turned out splendidly" and that "it will be a pleasure to use it for the celebration of the Sacred Mysteries". The chalice was made of gold and silver and enameled at the base and central node. The enamels, in green, contain the image of the Virgin Mary, the symbols of the Four Evangelists and the image of Christ crucified, as well as an inscription chosen by the customer. The special chalice is accompanied by a matching paten, which represents the Paschal Lamb.who is standing as if dying, a representation inspired by the passage in Revelation 5:6.

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Father Nightingale (Diocese of Kalamazoo) saw the design Granda had made for his seminary classmate and decided to commission a silver and gold chalice as well, this time in blue. He also asked us to incorporate into the enamel a image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, because she is the Patroness of America and, as he himself says, "because it is the only image of Our Lady that she herself gave us".. This determined the almond shape of the six enamels on the foot of the chalice, which were circular in Father Janz's design. The choice of the deep blue color was made in honor of the Virgin Mary; also the golden roses that enrich the central node are a symbolic reference to the Virgin Mary.

As for the fleurs-de-lis on the chalice cup, they are a tribute to the French missionaries, the first to bring the Gospel to the state of Michigan, as well as a reference to a sculpture of the Virgin of Guadalupe donated by the priest's grandparents to a parish, whose mantle was covered with fleurs-de-lis instead of the usual stars.

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Both pieces were worked on for months, based on an in-depth study of the pieces kept at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The seminarians actively participated in the process of defining the iconography for each chalice and paten set. thus obtaining a customized piece according to your preferences.

The calyxes, 10 cm in height, have been made of sterling silver with 24 carat gold plating and enamel details. The patens, on the other hand, are 6.25 cm in diameter.







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