We installed in Norway a relief of the Virgin Mary inspired by a Quattrocento ceramist.


Several years ago we carried out a project for the St. Olav's Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, which included an image of Christ crucified for the presbytery, a tabernacle and a Eucharistic lamp, a carving of St. Olav and another of the Virgin and Child, a Stations of the Cross and a reliquary holder.

A few months ago we did another intervention, this time in the sacristy, where a washbasin made of carrara marble had been placed. The cathedral wanted to cover the wall with a relief inspired by the ceramics of Luca della Robbia.


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This relief of the Virgin and Child is a Talleres de Arte Granda's own model inspired by Renaissance images. It has been made in resin with ceramic finish on blue background and then framed in wood. At the bottom of the frame is the inscription "" prayer recited by priests before celebrating mass.


Luca is a well-known Florentine sculptor and ceramist of the 15th century. He was trained in the art of marble carvers and came to realize the stone reliefs of the campanile of the cathedral of Florence. In time, he began to work with glazed and polychrome ceramics, more economical than marble, and did something very innovative by integrating it into architecture. His ceramics prioritize the serenity and balance of the figures in the reliefs over other aspects.

These are some of her ceramic works that have served as inspiration. As you can see, Lucca began making Madonnas in white terracotta on blue painted backgrounds surrounded by frames of garlands of flowers, vegetables or fruits. Later he used many other colors and his nephew, Andrea della Robia, continued his workshop.


madonna in rose garden
madonna and nic3b1o between angeles bargello

"Madonna of the Flower Garden" (Enameled terracotta, 1450-1455, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence) and "Madonna with Child among angels" (Enameled terra cotta, 1450, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence).




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Serving the Church with sacred art since 1891

Serving the Church with sacred art since 1891

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