Confessor GO: An application to facilitate access to the sacrament of penance

Recently, a new software for mobile devices has been launched in the application market that makes it easier for Catholics to locate priests in their immediate environment who are willing to assist and administer the sacrament of Confession to users who request it.

capture  Confessor Go mobile app


Catholics are accustomed to receiving this sacrament, but work schedules, family duties and other responsibilities make it difficult. Confessor Go was created to connect people who want to go to confession with priests available to administer this sacrament. Through a geolocation system, users can identify nearby confessors in real time and get in direct contact with them.

Active priests will show their availability to administer the sacrament of forgiveness either inside a Church or in public, open spaces, according to the possibilities and needs of each moment.


Precisely in order to facilitate the dignified impartation of the sacrament in "provisional" spaces, such as an outdoor ceremony, a summer camp, or even in ceremonies inside a church, such as penitential acts, etc., Granda has designed two models of portable confessional, one in cardboard and another in aluminum.

Cardboard is probably associated with a fragile material, but the cardboard known as "honeycomb cardboard", with which Granda manufactures this confessional model, is of great strength. This strength is demonstrated by the fact that Shigeru Ban, the Japanese Pritzker Prize-winning architect, uses this same type of cardboard to build churches and cathedrals... The design of the portable confessional mentioned above has achieved its lightness - it weighs 3.5 kilos - and its portability, by folding into a single piece - including a removable seat for the confessor - that fits into a bag with handles. It can be seen in this sequence of photographs:

no-caption-4Photograph of the portable confessional model designed in cardboard by Granda.

The other aluminum model of portable confessional that Granda has designed is made of 2 mm thick sheet metal, with a plastic core covered with lacquered aluminum. And its weight is around six kilos.

These photographs show the final result of this second Granda model:

2016 11 04 15 49 13
2016 11 04 15 48 55
20161114 094838
20161114 095729
2016 11 14 09 48 20


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