Altarpiece of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

In 1927, Fr. Félix Granda y Buylla

carried out what was his greatest masterpiece outside of Spain - the Altarpiece of the Jesuit Church of the Sacred Heart in Havana. Popularly known as the Iglesia de Reina, this church immediately became the most emblematic building of the neighborhood where it is located, towering above all the rooftops. With its characteristic neo-Gothic pinnacle, it remains a unique and an important historic edifice in Havana.

The interior of the church is enriched by the impressive stained-glass windows crafted by the Maumejean workshop which carried out many projects in collaboration with Félix Granda during the first third of the 20th century. The sanctuary houses a monumental altarpiece made in cedar wood, marble, and metal. The complex iconographic program of the altarpiece is enhanced by the beauty of its solemn sculptural reliefs, including those dedicated to the Jesuit saints. In the center, a massive carving of the Sacred Heart statue opens its hands to the world.

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