Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

In the Chapel

of the Immaculate Conception sobriety in the arrangement of the sanctuary instills a feeling of solemnity. In this project, attention to relevant symbolism and liturgical function were of principal focus – according to the usual practice for Granda’s designers. The altarpiece, made in a contemporary style, consists of three modules arranged as the three sections of a traditional altarpiece.

The uneven shape of these modules draws a parallel with the facade of the church, the design of which is organized around asymmetry. This asymmetry contrasts with the symmetrical layout of the interior’s Via Sacra, the vanishing point of which is located on the center of the altarpiece, the altar, and the tabernacle.

Both the tabernacle

and the gold and silverware were designed specifically for this church and merge modernity and tradition, particularly through the quality of craftsmanship. The tabernacle is located in the central module of the altarpiece, against an illuminated background. On one side of the sanctuary, on a pillar, we find an image of the Immaculate Conception, to whom the chapel is dedicated. The statue is executed in carved in wood, using water gilding and estofado techniques in the finish.

The mantle features Marian symbols taken from the Loreto Litany such as Mirror of Justice, Throne of Wisdom, and Mystic Rose. The Way of the Cross is located on the nave walls, forming a running panel on each side to highlight the path towards the sanctuary. The Via Crucis is unusual for its large dimensions, as well as for its style, which oscillates between the figurative and the abstract. Its warm tones blend with the colors of the interior of the chapel.

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