Chapel at the University of Navarre Clinic

Good design

cannot be limited to isolated liturgical and devotional elements but should aim to consider the space as a whole and aim to achieve cohesion of all elements. This general harmony does not include only the aesthetic and the functional spheres but should also fulfill a more significant role; it should enhance and honor the Eucharistic celebration. Accordingly, in this project for a hospital chapel, we considered the interior architecture and created a continuum between the space and custom designed furnishings without neglecting an iconographic program,

in this case focused on different expressions of Charity. The design was conceived from an end-to-end perspective, in addition to the interior architecture, the liturgical, devotional and furniture elements we also custom designed equipment of the sacristy.

The Process of Sculptural Reliefs

The style of the reliefs is inspired by the Italian Baroque. In them, we also recovered the alabaster carving, a technique with a long tradition in Spain, highly appreciated for its beauty and the extraordinary warmth of the material. The execution process starts with an initial freehand sketch. From these drawings, the relief is modeled in clay, thus giving volume to the image.

We used these original models as a reference to sculpt the final reliefs in the alabaster blocks, which take on nuances and life in their final finish. After completion, the large and fragile alabaster blocks were then carefully transported and assembled into the altarpiece in their new site.

Are you interested in this project?

At Granda we seek to encourage devotion. Personalising each piece and giving unity to all the elements helps to inculturation, to transmit the message and to move the devotion of the faithful.

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