The church

Our Lady of Victory, originally built for the local French-speaking Catholic community, is an eclectic building of neo-Romanesque inspiration dating from 1868, which has special protection due to its historic-artistic value. Interventions in the second half of the 20th century had distorted its essence and coherence as a whole.

Our intervention consisted, on the one hand, in the restoration of the historical elements and, on the other hand, in the renovation of the interior with elements that would harmonise with the historical, artistic and liturgical ensemble of the parish.

After a rigorous

preliminary analysis of the different decorative stages and their current state, the restoration process was undertaken, combined with the renovation of elements in order to harmonise the artistic ensemble. The main altarpiece, which had been repainted, was dismantled, cleaned and treated. Its woodwork was reinforced and the missing elements were reintegrated.

Both this altarpiece and the side altarpieces were given a chromatically harmonising finish and treated with a special protective layer that allows the wood to breathe. The repainting on the historical sculptures was removed and the colours were reintegrated. The dirt was also removed from the canvases of the Stations of the Cross and the icon of the Virgin of Perpetual Help.

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