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Marble elements
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The chapel

of the Retamar school had to meet the evangelizing needs of a school while becoming integrated into modern architecture with a current style. The design was planned by the architecture firm Artytech2, while GRANDA was entrusted with the execution of the furnishings and artistic works, the liturgical elements, and the equipment of the sacristy.

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The sanctuary

is presided over by a large altarpiece composed of three panels arranged in a pyramidal shape and whose dimensions describe an increasing curve. Its polychrome reliefs depict, on the left, the miraculous catch of fish, and on the right, the Holy Family, which St. Josemaría described as the "Trinity on Earth," a special reflection of the life of schoolchildren. The upper panel depicts God the Father, with his right hand resting on the terrestrial sphere, and the Holy Spirit. They form the Holy Trinity with Christ present in the tabernacle, located exactly below their figures. To the left of the presbytery there is a sculptural group finished in bronze, in which Saint Josemaría is represented surrounded by a family.

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was specially designed to match the altar and ambo. The tabernacle, of marble and trapezoidal shape, with gilded metal and dark marble listels, is recessed in the altarpiece and crosses the wall, so that its back, with a large chrism, is visible from the sacristy. Its door is ornamented with a relief of the Baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan, in gilded metal. The altar candlesticks again reproduce the trapezoidal shape in marble, whose flat metal parts complete its succinct decoration and modern form.

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the dark pavement of the presbytery stand out the altar and the ambo, both made of polished white marble and bronze reliefs. Both are trapezoidal in shape, with elegant and simple lines. The front of the altar is ornamented with a relief of the Last Supper, alluding to the Eucharistic sacrifice celebrated on the altar.

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    Serving the Church with sacred art since 1891

    Serving the Church with sacred art since 1891

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